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About Dr. C

Thirty-five years ago, while performing as a professional musician, I went back to school, earned a doctorate in clinical psychology, and started building a private practice. As I worked with individuals and couples, I became extremely interested in how friendships are built and maintained. Influenced by my musical frame of reference, I came to recognize that the jazz dialogue effectively models ideal interpersonal communication, and I began teaching my clients how to relate to others in more creative, spontaneous ways.

I have tried to incorporate this same perspective into my personal therapeutic approach by being accepting, avoiding expectations, and forgoing static, academic, and memorized techniques. Additionally, I find that humor, musical analogies, and illustrative examples from films and books are fun, effective tools for facilitating positive change. This approach has helped many of my clients develop more flexible, authentic, and stable relationships.

My goals for this site are to share my thoughts about how friendship works and to enter into an ongoing conversation with you about this fascinating process. I look forward to hearing your ideas, feedback, and questions.