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Have a question for me? Feel free to send it in the form below with “Ask Dr. C” in the subject line.

Free, private email counseling
If you’re grappling with a friendship problem or you have a general question about a relationship issue that you’d like to keep confidential, I’d be happy to help you on a limited, one-on-one basis. Please post your information in the comments below with “Free Email Advice” in the subject line.

Fee-based phone consultation
If you’d like to talk about a problem over the phone, include “Phone Consult” in the subject line below, and I’ll contact you to discuss and/or set up an appointment. Please note that I charge an hourly fee for this service.

Privacy Policy: All submissions become the property of Dr. Ron Carducci. He will not share your name, email address, or any other personal information with anyone. All visitors are assured total anonymity. If Dr. C selects your question for publication, it will appear under an alias and reference to all identifying information will be changed.


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